25 de Abril Bridge LisbonIn a study published in the January 12, points out that sporting events in 2014/2015 had an economic return of 100 million euros in Lisbon. This city who wants to be the European Capital of Sport in 2021.

This study (“The Evaluation Impact of Sports Events in Lisbon between 2014-2015 “) was asked by the Council of Lisbon to the University Institute of Lisbon, this study evaluated 17 large and medium-sized sporting events in a variety of forms from September 2014 and August 2015.

How much the city got in return with those events?

The first conclusions were that the direct and indirect return to the city was around 100 Million euros. The division of values was the following, 9.01 million to the hotel industry, 7.2 million for the restaurants, 11.2 in purchases and 5.6 million in tickets and subscriptions.


In the analysis of the events have been included various sporting events such as the European football club competitions, the European Championship of jiu-jitsu, the Lisbon Open Snooker, Volvo Ocean Reace, EDP marathon and the Vodafone mini-marathon, rugby, triathlon and some stages of the tour of Portugal in bicycles.

Volvo Ocean RaceIn marathons were involved more than 37000 people and 8000 of them were foreigners and the sport with more viewers was the Volvo Ocean Race with more than 207,000 people in the space of the event.

This kind of sports have a great potential as they bring participants but they also they bring come other people accompanying the participants.

The study appointed that was missing more promotion on the participants bring more companions and that fact would be a better potential for further growth.

Another deficiency that the study revealed was the fact the city of Lisbon doesn’t have a medium-sized pavilion for events that do not require small spaces or large spaces. Although the sports councilor of Lisbon said that people normally forget about the pavilion of the benfica and also the Sporting one that will be completed very soon.


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