Madeira Training center and FPN - Oficial Partners!

It’s with great pride that we (Madeira Training Center) announce our partnership with FPN (the Portuguese Swimming Federation).

During the week of the Funchal 2016 IPC Swimming European Open Championships, the Portuguese Swimming Federation (FPN in Portuguese) and us (MTC) signed and announced our partnership between the two organizations.Parceiros-mtc-fpn

The agreement between the MTC and the FPN, was signed in Olympic pools complex of Funchal, and the main objective of this agreement is the promotion of the Olympic pool complex of Funchal. For many people, the olympic pool complex in Funchal is the best in the country and one of the best of the world!

Madeira Training Center and FPN pretend to commercially boost the Funchal olympic pools complex

The main goal of this Oficial Partnership is to commercially boost space, bringing many swimmers and teams of various countries. They will have the opportunity to use and enjoy the good conditions that this olympic pool complex has for the practice of swimming and improve the skills of the swimmers.

The Funchal olympic pool complex has all the equipment needed for the practice of the sport. We have a 50m olympic swimming pool with 10 lanes which can be divided into two 25m pools, another pool with 25m, a diving pool and a water polo area and a fourth pool for learning.

Also our facilities are prepared for people with reduced mobility and this can be proven because this year we have organized the Funchal 2016 IPC Swimming European Open Championships.


Partnership signed during the Funchal 2016 IPC Swimming European Open Championships

What plans we offer?

We have four main plans thought to any kind of budgets and all of them can be adapted to serve the needs of the teams or athletes. Have a look on our prices here to learn more.

We, Madeira Training Center, and the Funchal olympic pool complex are located in the island of Madeira in Portugal. It’s one of the best island in the world where you can practice sport and also have a great leisure time. Come to Visit us on your next sport training internship.

If you want to learn more visit the FPN site

Madeira Training Center and FPN - Oficial Partners

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