For the director of the Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT), Jean-Charles Perrin, the MIUT, Madeira Island Ultra Trail, will be on the World Elite of trail running in a very short time.

Jean-Charles Perrin says that the MIUT has all of the necessary ingredients for a World class Event for the trail running. He always knew that the Madeira Island Ultra Trail would handle well with all the world “Elite” Athletes of the trail running, even if it’s just being the second year of the MIUT in the world championship.

The MIUT is perfect for the Elite Athletes

This sporting event is considered as one of the most technical and attractive circuits of the Ultra Trail World Tour, being very perfect for the top athletes of the trail running. Madeira Island become the interest for the World Athletes because of those Challenges and Beauty that the event can give to the athletes.


Jean-Charles Perrin also says that While the MIUT is a young Event in the trail running, but the event is well organized and the team is very dedicated to the event. Within a few years more the MIUT will probably become one of the top for World Elite on the Ultra Trail and also being one of best.

The feedback that athletes give from the race is satisfaction with the organization, further strengthening the words of the director of UTWT (Ultra Trail World Tour). Proving even more that the Event will be a success on the future.

Trail running will continue growing in importance

Trail running is a sport that has been growing in recent years, being able to reach any kind of runners. This sport allows to know the nature and its pretty amazing landscapes, share good experiences among athletes and is also ideal to mix travel and sports.


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