Four Portuguese swimmers will try to qualify for the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in open water marathon. This Open Water Marathon will happen on the 11 and 12 of June on the Sado Bay, Setúbal - Portugal.

Where will be this on the open water marathon?

This open water marathon will happen in the waters around the region of “Setúbal - Portugal” and itsOpen Water Marathon in Portugal the only event in open waters that gives direct access to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This competition had to suffer some changes to  be able to have the minimum requirements of a Olympic qualification.

The start of the competition will need to be given on a fixed platform, and the “refueling” of the swimmers will need to be also done on a aquatic platform. This event is one of the competition inserted in the ‘Setúbal, European City of Sport 2016’.

How many swimmers will be on this event?

On this marathon, at least until now the time we are writing the article, will be 125 swimmers from fifty-two (52) countries around the World, only two of each country will be able to be qualified for the next Olympic Games of 2016. For each country they will qualify 2 swimmers, one male and one female. In total the number of qualifications permitted are thirty swimmers.

The women’s open water race will take place on the Saturday (11 of June) and the men’s open water race will happen on the next Sunday (12 of June). Both events will be at 16:00 (04:00pm) and they will be preceded by an air show.

The vice-president of the Portuguese Swimming Federation, Manuel Freitas, welcomed the partnership established in 2006 with the city of Setúbal, emphasizing that the work done over the years “has earned the trust of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) “.

With this good partnership, noting that the excellence of the Sado Bay for the sport and a good organization of the event, the protocol of partnership was renewed until 2020.


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